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:: eFormProcessor© :: (Enhanced Form Processor/Reader)

The Form Processor/Reader is a very simple to use OMR evaluation software for the evaluation of OMR bubble, OCR/ICR block, Barcode, Imagening etc. eFormProcessor is a perfect solution for the processing of OMR Form, Application Form, Survey Form, Recuritment etc. OMR software is a complete replacement alternative to costly OMR scanners.

Working of eFormProcessor© Software
Workflow of omr answer sheet checker Download the complete workflow of eForm
(Form Processor/Reader)
to unserstand the flow process better.

Workflow of omr answer sheet checker

Steps of Operation

World's Simplest Form Processor/Reader (eFormProcessor©) has simple (2 or 3) step operation (OMR Software Video). It means Whole Evaluation Process contain (2 or 3) steps.

Step 1 : Design Master Template (To Design Form Template). In this Step we make or modify OMR Master Template. Designing a OMR Master Template is very simple process in eOMR, you can design all the possible OMR Sheet that you want in a very simple way.

Step 2 : Evaluation (To Check OMR Form). Read & Store Form data. Runtime correction of wrong filling Sheet by candidates, handling acceptance level and more.

Step 3 : Result & Reports (Export/Display OMR Test Result). Export the result to Access, Excel or XML also for further use. Merge multiple form data on a single file, complete user control depends on user needs.

Special features of eFormProcessor©

:: Authenticated User login controlled for security purpose.
:: Better User Interface, Completly controlled by user.
:: Excellent data management & centralization.
:: Single/Multiple choise, numeric, matrix, boolean, picture, OCR, Barcode etc. all type of format supported.
:: Design unlimited omr templates or use predefined templates, no need to create new temple every time.
:: No limit of sheet checking, check any number of sheet (depends upon plan).

Speed of eFormProcessor© Software

eFormProcessor© Software is the World's Fastest OMR Evaluation Software. eFormProcessor© Software (Form Processor/Reader) is 100% accurate Software with Guarantee. This Fine OMR Software check OMR test and gives instant detailed results of more than 1000 OMR Sheets in less than 10 minutes.

Like other OMR Solution eFormProcessor© Software is free from every problem of OMR reading which are occoured during checking OMR Sheets. eFormProcessor© Software is unaffected by the number of OMR sheets to be read. The OMR software has intelligent OMR Scanning defect detection mechanism which automatically adjusts OMR Reader parameter in case of different modes of OMR scanning in the same lot of OMR Sheets. Thus minimizing the case of rejection to almost zero.

This Huge speed achieved only by eFormProcessor© Software which is very economic OMR Software.

Accuracy of eFormProcessor© Software

eFormProcessor© Softwares are very accurate compared with other OMR Software and hardware OMR Scanners and deliver with 100% accuracy even for tilted or skewed sheets. In case of hardware OMR Scanning Machines it is essential to maintain straight scanning of OMR Sheet but in case of eSky Form Processor Software, the OMR Software rotates and corrects tilted OMR sheets to deliver accurate results even if the are Rotated 180 Degree.

The accuracy of the results is not affected by thickness of the paper or color of OMR Sheet printing. The accuracy is also unaffected by the number of OMR sheets to be read.

OMR Result on Website

A ready-to-use Online Result module is available on lease* which can be linked to your website. The students can login and see their Online Result with OMR Sheet, Graphical Analysis & Solution.

Software Cost

eFormProcessor© software (Form Processor/Reader) is a completely replacement alternative to costly OMR scanners or other OMR software solution available in market as compare to it's accuracy, features, speed.

Comparison of OMR Software Solution eFormProcessor© and OMR Hardware Solution

eSky OMR Software Solution eFormProcessor© Other OMR Hardware Solution
eFormProcessor Software price is very cheap and also available on various plan depends on user. OMR Hardware machine price is very much high.
In Special feature of sheet designign user can design any type of master template with the software in a very easy way. Sheet designing feature is not there, so user must purchase the template from the vendor, which is costly and time consuming.
OMR Sheet printing for OMR Software is simple and user can print their own OMR Sheets on normal copier paper also. OMR Scanner use specific OMR Sheet which are costly and takes time to deliver because they are purchased from specific sources only.
OMR Software can be delivered anywhere through e-mail/online download. Availability of OMR scanner and after sales services are also limited to larger cities.
No maintenance required. OMR Scanner cost of maintenance is also high.
PC requirement for eFormProcessor©
Hardware :

Operating System : Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 with 32/64 bit operating System.
Disk Space : 1GB free space in installing drive.
RAM : Min 512MB (recommended 1GB) for better performance.

Software :

MS Office : For data export in excel and mdb format.
Corel Draw : For Modify OMR templates to put up the logo or other instruction detail.